Annie Pacella, 2016 recipient of The CVFCS Central Blood Bank Scholarship

00-500 WORD ESSAY QUESTION: (Value: 30 Points)
(1) Why is giving blood so important in the community?
(2) How can more students be encouraged to participate in the Chartiers Valley Blood Drives? *
Many people are unaware of how important it is donate blood for those not only in the community but everywhere. Many illnesses and even simple injuries require blood infusions and that isn’t possible without the help of others. I know this personally because in late October 2016 my brother was recently diagnosed with ALL, which is Leukemia. This was shocking to all of us considering this type cancer was never in our family history. Its crazy how going to see the doctor for a simple migraine can lead to 31 days in Shadyside Hospital. Each day I visited my brother he received a bag of blood for the 2 hours I was there. This isn’t including the many others he received when I wasn’t present. That’s a crazy amount of blood when putting it in perspective and since his rare blood type is O+, it makes it that much more difficult to find people willing to donate. Before this unfortunate finding, I always enjoyed donating because helping people out warms my heart. Exhilarating enough, this past time I donated was very special to me. Unfortunately I am AB+ therefore I cannot directly donate my blood to my brother, but I am now aware of how much blood is needed not only for one patient going through ALL but the many others that go unnoticed. With the help of teachers, students, and community members, we can all come together to encourage those to make an impact. I think that if the students of Chartiers Valley High School are able to connect to the ample opportunities of how blood can transform the lives of others, especially ones that they may know, then they can truly feel great about their donation and want to donate more often.