David Fleckenstein – 2016 Recipient of CVEF Scholarship for Personal Growth

Essay: In 500 words or less: Why do you think it’s important to continue your education after High School?

What are your future career plans and how do you plan to use your studies to achieve your goals?


I believe that continuing education outside of high school is important. There are multiple reasons why continuing education is essential for me. The public education system teaches vital information that is important to know, but you can never learn everything in life there. New knowledge can be acquired but needs to be obtained in a specialized setting such as colleges or technical school. My goal is to continue my education through college and subsequently the police academy.

My education is one of the most important choices that I have to face in life. In the modern workforce, many employers look for individuals that have secondary education degrees. I will strive to take the extra steps in life in order to take advantage of college education so I can learn as much as I can for my future.

My future plan is to become a police officer or a K-9 officer. Since I was a young child, I have always wanted to be a police officer. Growing up I always looked up to my parents, but I also looked up to my uncle. Over the years, my uncle has continued to inspire me to become a police officer. He is a K-9 police officer for one of the local police stations. He has taught me many things about the job. Another family member of mine, my great uncle, was also a police officer. Additionally, he has helped me want to become a police officer because of all the different things that he was able to do. When I go to college, keeping up my grades will be essential for getting into the police academy. Becoming a police officer would be one of the greatest achievements that I could have in life.

Being a police office would be great career and I think I could go far in life if I was one. Ideally, I would like to attend CCAC for two years in their criminal justice program. After my two years there, I would like to transfer to another local college to finish my bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. After my four years of college, I will then plan to apply to the police academy. The police academy will be a time consuming and tedious process. There will be plenty of physical, written, and shooting tests that I will need to complete. However, all of the time and work I put in will be rewarding when I become a fully qualified police officer.

I plan on achieving my dream of becoming a police office after I finish high school. I plan on attending college to obtain a bachelor’s degree. Once I turn 21, I will then be eligible for the academy. Secondary education may include a lot of work, but the end result of becoming a police officer will be extremely rewarding for me.