GIVE Grants


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Program Objectives

The Foundation’s ongoing mission is to provide support for the enhancement of a quality educational experiences for our students. Emphasis is placed on stimulating innovative teaching ideas and new learning opportunities within the existing learning environment in Chartiers Valley.   Such opportunities are made possible through the creative spark of the CVSD staff and can be enhanced by a GIVE Grant from The CVEF.   Parents are invited to encourage any member of the CV staff to apply for grants.

Eligible Participants

The program is open to all STAFF in Chartiers Valley School District;  K-12.  Individual staff members and/or several staff members working together as a team are eligible to submit a single project that would impact multiple groups of students.  Staff may apply once during each of the two application windows.

How to Submit Your Project Proposal

The GRANT application must be completed and include explanation as to how the grant will enhance curriculum and learning beyond the classroom experience. Further clarification may be requested by the Foundation board.

GIVE Schedule is currently on HOLD

  • Application Window:  TBA
  • Grants awarded – TBA
  • Project documentation due – TBA
  • WINNERS:  Submit your project photos to:

Funding Guidelines

Funding is for materials or activities meant to enhance an existing program or create a new classroom experience, approved by administration.  The maximum amount of a grant to be awarded for an individual or team project is $500. Give Grants are not to be utilized for the acquisition of standard issued district supplies,  for the reimbursement of any type of services provided to the district, students, or community by the recipient, or for recipient tuition fees.

Selection of Grant Winners

The CVEF GIVE Grant committee (comprised of individuals with education experience) will evaluate and score proposals based on the factors outlined in the established rubric (see below).

Scorers receive proposals with title, target audience, approximate number of students intended to be impacted, synopsis of project, needs and objectives of the project as well as the method for measuring if objectives have been met.  Scorers are not aware of applicant name.

Factors taken into account include creativity of the project, impact on students and community, the opportunity the project presents to make a difference in the education of students, and adherence to proposal guidelines.  The potential winning  submissions are blindly reviewed by the CVEF Board of Trustees and further clarification may be requested by the majority of the board prior to final decision of recipients.

Awardees must submit all project and financial reports in a timely fashion.  Awardees must participate in the Celebrate CV evening through attendance with a small table display of  their project.  All published announcements or information provided to the district, parents or community must include reference to the CVE FOUNDATION as the sponsor of the project. (refer to publication and documentation agreements below).  Failure to comply with guidelines may result in disqualification from future grant eligibility.

Disbursement of Funds- We received your feedback about the procedure (listed below) so it is  currently under review.  We will notify winners if there are changes in the process for receipt and reporting of funds.

Currently, CVEF will make all grant monies available to the business officer of Chartiers Valley School District. Funds will be distributed through the District business office.  Awardees are responsible for submitting a record of all expenditures, including copies of invoices and receipts to the CV business office, in accordance with district policy.

A District business officer will maintain records of all grant reimbursements and will provide CVEF a detailed accounting at the close of each program. Any unused funds from each grant program will be reimbursed to CVEF for deposit back into the CVEF business account.  Contact Kim Hartnett ( with specific questions.

WINNER Obligations

We require that winners support the Foundation as often as possible and understand that by accepting each GIVE Grant:

  1.  All promotional materials, articles, and displays must include mention of sponsorship by The Chartiers Valley Education Foundation.
  2.  Winners must provide a small table display representing the project  at the annual Celebrate CV Night if the winner is under contractual obligation to participate as a representative of the District.
  3. Winners not contractually obligated by the District to participate in the event are to provide a small table display and attend as a recipient of a GIVE Grant to support the Foundation.  Someone must be available to answer questions about the project.  Awardees not able to attend must send a delegate to fulfill this obligation.
  4. Understand that The Foundation operates independently of the District and its’ Union obligations.
  5. Understand that failure to comply with the above may result in ineligibility for CVEF future grants.

         Scoring Criteria Rubric