Winners! 2020-21 GIVE Grants

Shelly Territ – Let’s Get Physical

The CV Primary School has had a successful running club program for the last 7 years. Due to COVID restrictions, I really need to restructure the program. I wanted to find a way for students to stay active and reward their progress. Using the current EZ Scan system we currently have access, students can run and the scan system will track total mileage. Students will receive a lanyard and earn charms when they earn a mile. Students will be able to track miles by counting the charms on their lanyard. Students that successfully complete 25 miles will receive a t shirt. At the end of the program, we will participate in the one mile at the Pittsburgh Kids Marathon. If that is cancelled then we will host a social distance run at the Primary School.

Robin Whitaker and Scott Caplan – The Duck Project

Our seventh grade curriculum focuses on life science. In class, we learn about reproduction, cells, life cycles, genetics, natural selection, etc. To visualize and incorporate all of our learning to the real world of science, we bring fertilized duck eggs into our seventh grade science classrooms. We incubate, hatch duck eggs then raise the ducklings in class. This has been the highlight of our seventh grade science year since 2011. This project brings our academic knowledge to life as well as provides an incredible amount of social and emotional growth to our students.

Denny Quinn – Aspiring Environmental Engineers

Elementary students, especially third graders, at the Chartiers Valley Intermediate School have consistently demonstrated an unusually high interest in the world around them. That curiosity is the fuel for investigation into cause and effect analysis with respect to our elementary environmental studies. Our curriculum cites specific areas of study and outcomes in that discipline. This project will actively engage students in unique kinesthetic opportunities of exploration of real-time outdoor conditions with respect to plant-life, soil composition, moisture content, in coordination with atmospheric conditions. This long-term enrichment will accelerate learning utilizing professional instrumentation designed to measure elements of current conditions. The opportunity will align our mathematics, language arts, and science in a highly analytic synergistic exploration; totally unique to our school. Ultimately, it integrates STEM, where the instrument desired analogizes technology in practice, mathematical data research with those instruments, and how it applies to earth science and soil conditions in a variety of weather and climate conditions—which we commonly study. The engineering will encompass advanced and creative applications of the instrumentation. The opportunity will build a greater social conscience and sense of community in students.

Sandy Boggs, Joan Kundra, Kelsey Hersh, Jaimie Lilly, Shannon Briggs Playground Painting

Due to Covid restrictions and CDC guidelines, the Intermediate school playground has been padlocked and our students are not permitted to use usual playground equipment, such as balls, jumpropes, and chalk. We would like to create painted play areas to inspire imaginative play and still remain safe. These area will be utilized by the entire student body community to promote active bodies and stress free learning.

Buffie Faes – Herb Garden

The Life Skills students would like to do an indoor herb garden. My students look forward to planting because of being awarded the give grant in the past, and we are grateful. My juniors are able to plant independently. We haven’t mastered watering yet, but I have no doubt they will become master gardeners by graduation. We get new students every year, so I am excited for them to also learn these skills.