Congratulations to Frank Zissis who submitted one of the winning applications for a Fall, 2019 Foundation GIVE Grant. Frank’s project will reach approximately 750 students and focuses on digital media and literacy. Here’s a brief synopsis of the project as submitted by Mr. Zissis.

The Ozobot is a small but powerful robot that is programmable using simple markers or block-based computer programing. We plan to use the Ozobot in teams, collaborating to create a code to get their robot to achieve missions that increase the challenge to program more complex tasks. 

There is no end to the possibilities, as students create different adventures, games and coding with Ozobot. Imagine, a learning toy that opens the doors of computer science, STEAM education, robotics and coding, making the students one step ahead of the learning curve in school and in life.

Our classroom plans to use the Ozobot robots to engage students in a collaborative and creative learning environment that is hands-on. The use of Ozobot robots helps become more independent learners and develop 21st-century skills including problem-solving, comprehension, communication, creativity and critical thinking. GIVE grants were established by the Foundation to supplement the curriculum by rewarding innovative teaching strategies.

GIVE Grants were established by the Foundation to supplement the CV curriculum for the enhancement of student education. More information about this program and the application can be found here.


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