Family Thanks District

Albert Kaupinis
 the times, they are going to want a have a “shin dig” for me.  What a celebration it promised to be.
But God had other plans.  On August 15, 2015, He called our dad home to be with our mom.
He wouldn’t realize the speech, the pictures of the ‘shin dig’ with delicious Bethel Bakery cake.  However, through the kindness of Dr. White, dad did receive his high school diploma.  That diploma was placed at his feet where it was meant to honor him.
In closing, I want to say this:  “A diploma couldn’t have made our dad- any better of a husband, father, grandfather or great-grandfather, but the thought of it sure made hm happy…if only for a little while.
Thank you so much for your kindness,
The family of Albert W Kaupinis
(this article was submitted and printed with permission — the family of Albert Kaupinis)